This video was produced at the bathroom window. Manuka Honey from New Zealand was fed in order to nourish it. A Canon Eos 7D was used for the recording.


This short movie was directed, edited and filmed in 2006 by Christian Wilke and contains emotions and thoughts. The army past is always close on even though the normal day in a city is nothing to fear and there are no imminent dangers of war, danger or atrocities. The film shows the elaboration of thoughts, the victory against fears and doubts and ends with the awareness that the actor is secure there is no trauma.

Christian Wilke (script & main act)
Jae Yoon (Sound – captivated – resounding mix)
Alexander Westphal (sound fx)
Charlie Hearnshaw (camera closeup view)
Christian Wilke (camera drive)
Rahail bin Vakil Siddiqui (light fx)