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This plugin allows you to display the content of an external XML – textfile in either a post or page.


We chose the XML text to be a song list that could be used by a radio station. In our case we are displaying the full list at once but you can click on either one of the letters in the alpabet and you will see the list selected according to your choice. Just see and try out our demo.


If you like our “mdtools” – plugin, just go to our WordPress and download the tool.

Plugin – installation

  1. Download “mdtools.zip” and unzip.
  2. Upload “mdtools” folder to your WordPress ‘plugins’ directory inside of ‘wp-content’.
  3. Activate “mdtools” from the plugins menu inside of WordPress.

To display the information in either a page or post, just write your code as below, but you have to use your own URL and Page ID. The following code is only an excerpt of the alphabet required to show all the information in the example XML – textfile.

Code (example):

<a href="https://www.splash-it.co.uk/?page_id=31&md_char=0">?</a><a href="https://www.splash-it.co.uk/?page_id=31&md_char=A">A</a><a href="https://www.splash-it.co.uk/?page_id=31&md_char=B">B</a><a href="https://www.splash-it.co.uk/?page_id=31&md_char=all">all</a>
[xmllist xml=wp-content/plugins/mdtools/MP3List.xml char=x]

Special thanks to Mr Manfred Doelger for the development of “mdtools” IT.DOELGER.DE.