British teacher jailed in UAE for Facebook post saying ‘camels are treated better than humans’

6th May 2019

(Source ICFUAE: 09 April 2019)

A British teacher was jailed in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for a Facebook post which said that camels in the Gulf state were treated better than humans.

Speaking to The Sun, Christian Wilke, 40, says he spent nine months behind bars for an ‘electronic insult’ but was never told by the authorities what he had done wrong.

Wilke told The Sun he had posted a picture on Facebook of a road sign with a camel on it, with the comment “Look how they care for their animals. Even in the desert you find a sign to stop for the camels”.

A British academic responded to the post saying that the fine for killing camels was higher than for running a person over.

“All I did was answer: ‘You might be right there’. Which is my point of view – I don’t hold back when talking to colleagues,” said Wilke.

At the time of his arrest he suffered sleep deprivation and was denied a lawyer for 52 days.

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